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Surveillance training and opportunities

Thank you to all those who have contacted us regarding our previous post (Surveillance, £250 p/d, no skills or experience required).

Whilst the post actually reflects a lack of regulation, training and professional accountability, the sheer volume of enquiries asking for help and advice in pursuing a career in the private surveillance industry has been immense (continues to fill our inbox) and couldn't be ignored.

To those we have not personally responded to, please accept our apologies we hope the following helps.

Invest in your future with the best training

At present there is no recognised minimum standard and surveillance courses delivered in the private sector vary considerably in content.

Look for a recognised awarding body and training delivered by reputable experienced companies.

*****Reputable surveillance training companies please stand up*****

Be aware, the "Attended a course" is not seen by many as a qualification.

The fact that you turned up does not mean you have attained any skills or knowledge.

Having passed a course look to join a professional body such as the Association of British Investigators (ABI) or Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI), there are others.

Surveillance is a perishable skillset and our advice is to get the skills you've learned into practice as soon as you can. Professional affiliation can help in matching your skills to work.

To the hundreds of CP personnel that have responded (what is happening in the CP world?!).

Yes, many of the skills are transferable (situational awareness, route planning, map reading, risk assessment etc) but a day's input on counter surveillance obviously does not mean you are trained in any form of surveillance.

Again, find a reputable training provider who can deliver a course that equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Surveillance training providers please feel free to advertise or signpost training opportunities from here.

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