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The Unregulated Surveillance Industry (UK). 

A client's requirement for covert surveillance is often based in less than ideal circumstances.

They rightly expect to be provided with a wholly legally compliant, comprehensive and useable product, yet this is rarely provided.  

Compliance, capability and professionalism are not the "gold" standard, it is the minimum acceptable standard. 

Of concern, without any qualification or experience, anyone can offer private surveillance services in the UK. We strongly advise Client's research thoroughly the surveillance provider they intend to use prior to disclosing sensitive/private information. 

We wholly support statutory guidance, a defined legal framework and professional accreditation.      

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  • Is the use of a tracking device illegal / harassment?
    In the UK we all have a defined legal Right to Privacy (Article 8 ECHR Act 1998). That Right is reduced if there is reasonable suspicion of involvement in crime and/or specific other matters. Even so, the surveillance methods used need to be a proportionate response to the matter being investigated and necessary to prove involvement. If the investigation meets this threshold the use of a device providing geographic information only is unlikely to be assessed by the Courts as harassment, provided it is only deployed for the time necessary to acquire the required information and does not accrue private information on any other unconnected individual. There are other legal considerations including how the device is deployed and handling the information it provides.
  • Do you provide surveillance services by the hour?
    No. Our surveillance operatives and teams are only available per day. Whilst committed to meeting your objectives they are unavailable for further tasking.
  • Can you provide assistance following a surveillance compromise?
    Yes, if your previous surveillance provider has encountered problems achieving your objectives we can help. Our teams can mitigate anti surveillance and quickly identify counter surveillance HOWEVER, please consider. Any observations that follow a surveillance compromise will almost certainly only evidence the changes in a subject's behaviour resulting from that compromise.
  • How much does it cost?
    Our surveillance operatives are available from £650 per day. Live and historic asset tracking, providing geographical information only, is available from £350 per week. Intelligence reporting (OSINT), missing persons / asset tracing is available from £250 per enquiry.
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