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The covert enquiries we undertake on behalf of our clients are exceptionally varied, highly confidential and rarely disclosed.

We are Specialist Investigative Support

We covertly support a wide variety of investigations including,

  • Blackmail

  • Extortion 

  • Corruption

  • Fraud

  • Theft

  • Intellectual Property theft

  • Fraudulent claims (medical / benefit)

  • Environmental crime 

  • Evidential Test Purchases

  • Confidentiality issues & data breaching

  • Integrity testing

And provide a specialist intelligence collection capability that includes,

  • Protective surveillance

  • Kidnap / Threat assessment

  • Forward intelligence teams

  • Counter surveillance / situational awareness

  • Locate / trace enquiries 

  • Detailed OSINT reporting

  • Analytical and research reports

  • Asset identification & tracking

  • Behavioural detection

  • Penetration testing​

Big Ben

Professional Litigation Support

Most legal professionals acknowledge the power of surveillance evidence. 

Compelling, it provides clarity in the absence of reliable or truly independent information, establishes fact proving (or disproving) beyond all reasonable doubt and balance of probability thresholds. From Inquests to Central Criminal Court, Employment Tribunals to professional misconduct panels, we have more than twenty years’ experience providing expert subject matter surveillance evidence to all manner of proceedings.   

Kidnap and Ransom

We are the only UK surveillance provider deploying professionally accredited, highly experienced  covert assets in support of risk mitigation companies, hostage/crisis negotiators and victim communicators engaged in kidnap/threat to life live investigations.

Our specialist kidnap team:

  • Covertly deploys into environments controlled by the hostage takers,

  • Identifies the stronghold through specialist conventional and technical surveillance,

  • Assists in confirmation of Proof of Life,

  • Provides real-time secure imagery transmission to operational/investigation suites and red centres,

  • Provides technical assistance and covert protective surveillance supporting courier deployments,

  • Provides conventional and technical control of couriers and courier specific items/locations.

Our surveillance evidence is often so decisive, the only defence is to attack the legality and integrity of the surveillance itself. 

For this reason, we closely parallel the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 to ensure proportionality and necessity in adherence to the UKs Article 8 ECHR requirement(s). Our internal authorisation processes provide detailed accountability documenting the legal justification for our surveillance activity within UK law providing our clients with a wholly useable and where necessary, disclosable product.

In addition, where applicable, we work with you to ensure compliance with Criminal Proceedings Investigations Act 1996, working with in-house legal teams reviewing pretrial sensitive disclosure bundles. 

We are, of course, ICO registered and DPA / UK GDPR compliant. 

We provide,

  • Contemporaneously recorded observation logs for every deployment

  • Sec 9 witness statements

  • Certified copies of all transcripts

  • Cross referenced exhibits and associated surveillance product.

  • Forensic copying of all surveillance imagery and recordings to Home Office / Court standard

  • Evidential continuity of all exhibits and surveillance product

  • Expert witness surveillance evidence.


What does this level of professionalism cost?

Nothing more than our standard rate.

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